The care we provide covers general practice medicine in its full width. The services below are offered in our practice, among other things.


Repeat medication

You can request a repeat medication 24 hours a day via this website.

Make an appointment

You can make an appointment for the consultation directly via this site.


You can ask your doctor questions via a secure internet connection.

Lab research

We take care of the blood sample ourselves for laboratory tests.

24 hour blood pressure measurement

De Vuursteen has an ambulatory 24-hour blood pressure monitor.

Lung function examination

For complaints such as stuffiness, cough and giving up mucus, the doctor performs lung function examination. Contact us for more information.

ECG (heart video)

In case of complaints such as chest pain, heart palpitations or stuffiness, a heart video can be made in practice.


In the case of hearing complaints, an audiometrics assistant can perform a hearing examination.

Minor surgical procedures

Insert spiral

To place an IUD or implant, make an appointment by telephone with our assistant.

Tympanogram (ear pressure measurement)

You can have a tympanogram made with the assistant.

Diabetes nurse

In practice, a diabetes nurse is present for people with Diabetes mellitus (diabetes).

Collaboration with Heleen Etienne as elderly doctor

For vulnerable elderly and chronically ill people with various health problems, the practice has a collaboration with Heleen Etienne.

Mental health care (psychologist and POH-GGZ)

Our practice offers support and guidance to people with psycho-social problems.

Ophthalmic examination with slit lamp

For cornea, eyelids, anterior chamber, lens and vitreous, a slit lamp examination can be performed in practice.

COPD and asthma nurse

In practice, a COPD and asthma nurse is present who can do research on Asthma / COPD complaints.

Geriatric nurse (elderly nurse)

The elderly nurse, together with the general practitioner, ensures that vulnerable elderly people with as few restrictions as possible can continue to live at home.

Short lines with the other care providers

Various other care providers are present in our center, including physiotherapists, obstetricians, home care, speech therapists, dietitians and psychologists.

Better health care is our mission


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